Give Me A Hand

I promise I won’t talk a lot about art (my work or the subject in general), but it applies here in several ways at the moment as I’ve been “away” from here working on several projects — projects which are to be Valentine’s Day gifts.

It’s surprising what one person finds romantic or sentimental. Of course, after you hear the story you are likely to agree with their selection as well as their sentiments; but “what is romantic” is as subjective as “what is sexy.” For me, sexy and romantic are so entwined it’s nearly impossible to separate the two. And one of the most romantic and sexy things, aside from lingerie, of course, are hands.

Hands are expressive, they create, and they are at once intimate and on display… It makes a girl like me wonder about all the possibilities. Such a tease!

Photos like these (jazz musician hands by LIFE photographer Gjon Mili), also make me think of naughty little puns, like “Pluck my strings, baby!” and “Ooooh, tickle my ivories!”

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