Swearing Off Younger Guys

This post is as much of a reminder to myself as it is a notice to you all: Caitlin no longer wishes to entertain real life relationships or even dalliances with younger men (those around my own age).

To Wit:

Younger men are silly, vapid, poor, and have nothing to teach me (save for how to break a heart) and are not worth my time.

Beer is no substitute for relaxing.

“Kick the dog” mentality is not to be tolerated as it leads to actual kicking of dogs and other beings.

“Passion” is not to be confused with anger.

“Laid back” typically means dull and uninteresting.

“Give and take” means you participate in both, not just the taking.

Yes, my heart was broken. But I am over it — and him — now and life will resume as I envision it.

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