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What do I desire in men?

At this point, this princess is primarily looking for what some might call “sugar daddies”, but I find that an oversimplification of a complex relationship in which both I and my suitors have their needs met. I’m hoping this short list of qualities will help explain it better…

Intelligence? Yes. But he needn’t be educated or cultured in the classic way. Yet he should be able to discuss and share his opinions and experiences with me. I’m looking for an intellectually curious, well-read man, with a passion for life — and a passion for discussing it.

Generosity? Yes. Not in a money-grubbing way, but a generosity of spirit. Sure, my sugar daddies know his this girl’s favorite things, my needs and desires, and treat me to them terribly often… But I prefer to think of this as kindness.

What you get in return is the same kindness, passion, intelligence and curiosity wrapped in a deliciously flirtatious pretty package!

Why do this? Why pay for my time, my photos, my pleasure (and perhaps your own), instead of dating or playing at one of those sugar daddy dating sites? Because it keeps things simple, neat and organized — while allowing for the fun and fantasies to go as far as we want without the risks.

I tease you; you please me. It’s a “win-win” as they say!

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