I Want To Run Rings Around Your Rosies: The Truth About Cock Rings

Many people, and especially too many men, think that use of a cock ring is some sort of weakness. I’m here to set you — and your cock — straight about cock rings. *wink*

First, what is a cock ring and what does it really do? Cock rings or penis rings, like these from Adam and Eve, are typically made of silicone, rubber, or leather; however they can be made of a number of different materials, including metal too. A cock ring is placed over the shaft and/or around the testicles/scrotum when a man is not erect. (A little lube can be used to make putting the rings on and off a little easier.)

Placed around the penis and/or cuffed around the balls, a cock ring slow the blood flow out of the penis. Keeping the blood in the penis means your penis remains engorged, allowing you to stay harder and bigger longer. Yes, both physically and temporally longer. It’s true!

What will your partner think? Keeping the blood in the cock is not only true for those with erectile issues, but for every cock. And this is the important part here for those of you who worry that using a cock ring is like admitting you have a problem: Cock rings work for every dick, darling!

The fact that a cock ring helps your cock stay longer and thicker for a longer period of time is just science. But the true beauty of a cock ring lays in the gifts it gives your partner. Keeping that stronger, harder, erection longer is just being a good lover. It means your cock will stand at attention through the initial excitement, through the foreplay, and it will even make you and your cock last longer during the main event. In a word, we’re talking about stamina here! And the longer you last, the greater the odds are that you’ll be more likely to please your partner.

What are the cock ring options? The variations in materials noted above, and all the colors options therein, allow for you to dress your cock to match the occasion, mood, or even your girl’s lingerie! There are other options for which help create sex scenes and role play too. For example, there are silicone cock ties for those who wish to be more, umm, creative.*wicked grin* And there are cock rings with attachments for your anal and prostate stimulation too.

If you are with a partner, there are a few cock ring options for her as well. There are cock rings and cages with textures, ribs, and beads that, like French ticklers, will rub against your lady-lust and drive her mad with pleasure. And, of course, there are the cock rings with vibrator attachments which will please both of you!

What does Caitlin think of cock rings? I love it when my gentlemen callers wear cock rings during calls and chats! Cock rings help them last through my long teasing sessions. Teasing itself is designed to delay and heighten orgasm. But when I tease a man wearing a cock ring?! Oh, holy heaven! Talk about edging! Talk about delaying and heightening orgasm! Or, I should say, talk about delaying and therefore heightening orgasms — because there’s more than one, there’s yours and mine!

Cock rings are relatively inexpensive; considering the price of quality sex toys or those little blue pills they are a bargain. But the real reason to get (and use!) a cock ring is for your lady’s pleasure. Especially this lady’s pleasure.

That, as they say, is priceless.

Give Me A Hand

I promise I won’t talk a lot about art (my work or the subject in general), but it applies here in several ways at the moment as I’ve been “away” from here working on several projects — projects which are to be Valentine’s Day gifts.

It’s surprising what one person finds romantic or sentimental. Of course, after you hear the story you are likely to agree with their selection as well as their sentiments; but “what is romantic” is as subjective as “what is sexy.” For me, sexy and romantic are so entwined it’s nearly impossible to separate the two. And one of the most romantic and sexy things, aside from lingerie, of course, are hands.

Hands are expressive, they create, and they are at once intimate and on display… It makes a girl like me wonder about all the possibilities. Such a tease!

Photos like these (jazz musician hands by LIFE photographer Gjon Mili), also make me think of naughty little puns, like “Pluck my strings, baby!” and “Ooooh, tickle my ivories!”