I’m a free spirit in a world where nothing’s free — it’s terribly sweet of you to think of and care for me!

Current needs:
Wide-angle camera lens (needed asap): $500
Annual vet check & shots for critters (due April 15th): $250
Please also see my blog posts on current desires.

Books: $10 & up
Perfume: $35-250
Nail polish and matching lippies (reds and pinks) $25-75
Rent: $850
Trip to hair salon: $150
Mani: $40-100
Pedi: $50-100
Massage: $60-199
Cable/Internet: $80

I prefer cash gifts (aka “tributes”) so that I can do my own shopping, spend it as needs and whims dictate, but I gratefully accept gift certificates from Macy’s and Amazon too. Sending me a gift certificate only requires my email address. Members have access to that; if you’re not a member, you can buy it here.

Yes, you can send a note along with your scratch to note what itch of mine you’re aiming for! *wink*

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